Brazil Frozen Chicken Feet

Part – Brazil Frozen Chicken Feet

装载 - 27公吨/40′集装箱

保质期 : 24个月

原产地 - 巴西


 Chicken Feet

萨迪亚品牌出口商 Brazil’s No. 1 exporter of Halal frozen  Chicken feet.  (现在咨询). Our advanced production facilities are Halal Certified,ISO certified, SIF Approved. Our main goal is to remain the top supplier in providing healthy Frozen Pork, Chicken and Beef in promoting health 在全球范围内。 

Grade : A
Part : Brazil Frozen Chicken Feet

B) 产品外观。
- 非常干净
- 没有黄色的皮肤
- 没有羽毛
- 无异味
- 没有血
- 没有黑垫子
- 没有瘀伤
- 无化学烧伤
- 去除外层硬甲
- 含冰量0.3 %
- 小于0.5%的断骨
- 湿度小于2%
- 没有黑点

- 爆破条件:零下40摄氏度
- 储存条件:零下20摄氏度。
- 运输过程中的温度:零下18摄氏度

  • 100% 清真食品
  • 100% 有机食品
  • 全天然,无化学品
  • 批发商、出口商、供应商、大宗采购。 Our chicken Parts are HALAL certified and manufactured in ISO-certified facilities. 我们的产品在20%的折扣下是最好的。
  • SIF approved Brazilian chicken wholesale supplies.  We offer a variety of cuts that can be customised to suit our customers’ needs. These include the primary cuts (, chicken paws, chicken mid joint wing, chicken leg quarters, whole chicken, chicken breast,Boneless chicken thigh,  chicken wings, chicken thighs, chicken gizzard, chicken mid two joint wing,frozen chicken drumstick ), . The product line has something for everyone. In all cases, we value safety and integrity of food.

    All exported frozen chicken products are tested for quality, temperature and specifications on arrival. We have quality programmers who work in every stage of the production process.

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