Halal Chicken

Halal   chicken Exporters from Brazil ,  SIF Approved to over 150 countries. We supply Grade ‘A’ Brazil Halal whole chicken , frozen chicken feet,chicken paws,chicken paws,wholesale chicken breast,wholesale chicken wings, wholesale chicken breast  .Our professional approach and good reputation will offer you %100 satisfaction .

We are trusted suppliers of frozen  chicken exporters  and we deliver the highest quality at the most competitive prices worldwide.

Frozen Chicken is available for export to international markets. Brazil Chicken Exporters deliver  globally without difficulty. We export to the EU, China and Hong Kong as well as the Middle East, Africa, Middle East, and Africa. All of our chickens are slaughtered by hand in accordance with Islamic (HALAL) Norms.

%100 Grade A quality, price and service. We will help you meet your business needs efficiently and economically.

Exporting high-quality meat and poultry products, as well as the best logistics and documentation to support them. This ensures a smooth and efficient transaction starting at order and ending with delivery.

* All Brazil SIF approved Poultry Products have been SGS inspected and are certified under HACCP, ISO, HALAL, etc.

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