Frozen Chicken Whole Leg

Part – Frozen Chicken Whole Leg

Loading – 27 MT / 40′ Container

Shelf Life : 24 months

Origin – Brazil


Chicken Whole Leg

Sadia brand Exporters Brazil’s No. 1 exporter of chicken Whole Leg  .  (inquire now). Our advanced production facilities are Halal Certified ,ISO certified, SIF Approved , Our main goal is to remain the top supplier in providing healthy Frozen Pork, Chicken and Beef in promoting health globally. 

A) Quality:

Grade : A
Part : Brazil Chicken Frozen Whole Leg
Freezing Process : BQF (Block Quick Frozen)

B) Product Appearance:
– Very Clean
– No Yellow Skin
– No Feathers
– No Bad Smell
– No Blood
– No Black Pad
– No Bruise
– No Chemical Burns
– Outer Hard Nail Removed
– Ice Content 0.3 %
– Broken Bones Less Than 0.5%
– Moisture Less Than 2%
– No Black Spot

C) Frozen Requirements :
– Blasted at: minus 40 degrees Celsius
– Storage at: minus 20 degrees Celsius.
– Temperature during Transportation: minus 18 degrees Celsius


  • 100% HALAL
  • 100% Organic Food
  • All Natural, No Chemicals
  • Wholesaler, Exporter, Supplier, Bulk Purchase. Our chicken Parts are HALAL certified and manufactured in ISO-certified facilities. Our product is at its best with a 20% discount.
  • SIF approved Brazilian chicken wholesale supplies.  We offer a variety of cuts that can be customised to suit our customers’ needs. These include the primary cuts (chicken feet , chicken paws, chicken mid joint wing, chicken leg quarters, whole chicken, chicken breast, chicken wings, chicken thighs, chicken gizzard, chicken mid two joint wing ), . The product line has something for everyone. In all cases, we value safety and integrity of food.

    All exported frozen chicken products are tested for quality, temperature and specifications on arrival. We have quality programmers who work in every stage of the production process.

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